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Initial Consultation

This will usually last an hour, during this time you will be asked about your current condition as well as your general health and medical history, including your family history. You will be asked questions about your personality type, lifestyle, diet, fears and phobias - this is in order to be able to see you as a whole, rather than your individual symptoms.

Once your case has been taken, you will be given a prescription of homeopathic remedies and details of how and when to take them.


Follow up Consultation

This will usually last up to half an hour and you will be asked questions about your current condition and any changes you have noticed since taking your remedies.

Depending on your condition you may need a series of follow up appointments, or alternatively you may wish to have regular appointments in order to support your immune system.




Adult Initial Consultation: £75

Adult Follow Up Consultation £55

Children and Students* Consultation: £65

Children and Students* Follow Up: £45

*Students up to 23 years old and with valid ID

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