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Nicolette Gaskin

BSc (Hons)



I first started using homeopathy when my children were young and my son had recurrent infected eczema. After visiting a Homeopath a few times the symptoms went away and never returned. As my children grew up I continued to use homeopathy and once they were both at senior school I decided to take my interest further and undertake a degree in homeopathy at the Centre for Homeopathic Education (CHE). I graduated in 2015 with a first class honours degree and have since been in practice both privately and at Neal's Yard.

Homeopathy can support you in many different ways, my particular areas of interest are in women's health including periods, pregnancy and the menopause as well as anxiety, which is an area I studied in depth for my research proposition.

Many of my patients, from babies to adults, I treat online via Skype or Zoom, but being based just outside of London I am also available for face to face appointments.


Homeopathy is a gentle, effective and non invasive holistic therapy. It was founded by the German physician, Samuel Hahnemann in the 1800s, but the principles can be traced back as far as Aristotle, it is based around the idea that 'like treats like'.

Homeopathy treats the person as a whole, rather than focusing on a specific condition and during your consultation you may be asked about your medical history, diet, lifestyle and personality type as well as your current health problems.

Homeopathy can be used alongside conventional medicine for physical, mental and emotional disorders as well as supporting you through your day to day wellbeing.

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